About Agia Pelagia Heraklion Crete

Agia Pelagia is a small coastal town with a lovely beach, 3km from NYMPHES

Agia Pelagia, Ligaria and Mononaftis

Agia Pelagia has developed around its shores, so that's where you'll find many of the taverns and cafeterias.  In the center of Agia Pelagia you will find a super market, tourism offices, pharmacy, an ATM, tourist and souvenir shops and the taxi stand.

The Agia Pelagia bay is protected from the wave-creating north winds, and the sea is almost always serene.  On the weekends, many people from Heraklion find refuge on its sandy shores for a cooling dip in the azure waters.

There is no intense nightlife here.  There are, of course, a good selection of bars and cafes to enjoy your favorite drink.

There are many restaurants and taverns featuring Cretan, Greek or international cuisine, and all have a beautiful view of the sea. As you dine in Agia Pelagia, you can also partake of the wonderful scenes around you, and snap these memories into a treasured photo album: the various shades of the rippling sea, the cute little kid building a sand castle, the old fishing boats anchored in the bay, the fishermen preparing their nets for the night's labor.

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