Tailor-Made Trips

Tailor-made Activity Holidays in Crete and Greece

Our Tailor-made trips are designed specially for your own family, or company. You choose the dates, interests, activities and areas in Crete or Greece and we take care of all the details. Alternatively let us draw on over our experience and arrange for you an exciting, private tour for an unforgettable adventure, a Cretan Adventure.

You make your plans-we organize and prepare your vacation–wonderful vacation.

For guests who stay at NYMPHES, we offer the following packages and more.

Tailor-Made Trips

  • Taxi transportation from arrival place.
  • We can arrange for you a variety of activities, which are listing above
  • Our special tours: It covers Greek Culture/ Nutrition / History/ Way of life and its People, is in the company of a local scholar, walking through streets which are alive with art and history, learning about the life, traditions, and customs of Greek people, past and present. You will sample some of the finest meals as well as fruit and vegetables in the world.

For more information you can ask NYMPHES through the contact form.

OUR OFFER: for travelers staying at NYMPHES, we offer discount 10% in every activity participate, or hiring a car.