Nymphes Kids


“The numerous lovely cats are around when you want them to be, and absent when you don't…”

Whenever children show an interest in animals, be it our kittens, or our many wild birds, I try to teach them about how animals live together in our natural setting. Children love to watch birds make their nests in stonewalls or in the trees. They are plentiful, beautiful, and sing the sweetest songs.

We often show parents and children alike our fabulous, sweet-smelling herbs.  For some children it’s the first time they’ve seen oregano – like they eat in their pizza – growing from the earth.

Children love NYMPHES so much, as they may leave crying.


We offer toys, and games, like chess, Jenga, Sudoku, and Monopoly.  We also have plenty of pool-toys, and crayons for your children’s artistic endeavors.  Much of their artwork adorns my office.

For older children we organize family excursions, and all sorts of adventure activities, from scuba diving, to rock climbing.

Children's Painting