About us

I want to welcome you to the web site for Nymphes Luxury Hotel Apartments. I am Pepy Chatzimarkaki, and I built Nymphes. Join me for a brief tour if you’d like to learn more about it.

I created Nymphes in the hope that it would allow guests to enjoy the magnificent natural beauty of Crete, while providing them with all of the amenities of luxury accommodations. I chose an enchanting hill at Agia Pelagia on which to create this complex of 10 gracious family apartments in the midst of 5000 square meters of unspoiled Cretan landscape. Each apartment has air conditioning, central heating, and access to the swimming pool, high-speed wireless Internet, Satelite TV etc. We treat our guests as if they were family in the Cretan tradition of hospitality. But perhaps I should let our guests, from all around the world, tell you all about that

"Nymphes is heaven on earth experience" from Evanston, Ill, USA
"Lovely place, lovely people" from Tshwane, South Africa
"You won't find better!" from Waterloo
"Apartment in the Sky" from Ottawa Ontario, CANADA
"Like staying with your best friend!" from Oxford England
"Fantastic, Relaxing, Friendly and Beautiful" from St. Neots – Cambridge
"A home away from home" from Tananger, Norway
"Can't be bettered!" from Midlands, UK
"Perfect Ending" from Millsboro, DE
"A Wonderful Place to Stay" from Newcastle, Australia
"Paradise with a view!" from Ottawa, Ontario, Canada
"The Best Holiday" from Dayton, TX.

I chose to make my home on this beautiful hillside and share with my guests the magnificent views. I’ve added lovely flowers, fruit trees and botanicals that you can pick at will, to enhance your enjoyment of the grounds. You will have your own private, pergola covered, terrace from which you can gaze at the Aegean Sea, or reach out to touch the stars of the night sky. Your pergola, covered with grapes and bougainvillea, will be your anchor to the earth. Native plants and flowers surround the pool and the sitting areas, knitting this cool oasis into the landscape. There’s a barbecue grill and tables for your use, making it a delightful spot for a cookout. My goal is to quietly, unobtrusively be of assistance to you in all of your needs, and to help you discover the unparalleled beauty of the island. You can learn more about Nymphes on the following pages, and read the reviews of the fellow travelers that have been my guests.