Nymphes Hotel

Luxury family hotel - Nymphes Luxury Apartments & Studios

Luxury family hotel

Nymphes is a luxury family hotel, situated 22km from the Heraklion airport, toward the center of Crete, 21km from Knossos’ Palace and 17km from the port to Santorini, Mykonos, Rhodes, Athens and all the beautiful Greek islands. It is the perfect point for using it as a jumping-off point from which to explore Crete and the other islands of Greece.

Nymphes Apartments offers the most beautiful accommodation with all the essential contemporary amenities (swimming pool, air-conditioning, central heating, ADSL, Wireless, Satellite TV), ideal for nature and adventure travelers. Hike the rolling hills of Crete, and see views that the less adventurous will miss. Make your visit to Crete entirely your own.

Amenities & comfort - Nymphes Luxury Apartments & Studios

Amenities & comfort

At Nymphes we practice nature conservation, and invite guests for whom a pristine wilderness represents the epitome of beauty.

The complex consists of 2 villas with their own private infinity pool, 3 studios and 6 apartments, all situated in the front of the building, with spectacular views. Our guests love to watch the sun rise over the sea, and enjoy colorful sunsets.

The swimming pools , surrounded on its deck by chaise lounges and umbrellas, overlooking the Aegean Sea, offers refreshment and relaxation. The kiosk is a beautiful outdoor space, which has as its backdrop the Aegean Sea and its boats and lights.

Back to nature
Beautiful gardens - Nymphes Luxury Apartments & Studios

Beautiful gardens

The area thrives in thyme, oregano and other medicinal herbs and fragrant shrubs are grown throughout and around the grounds. We encourage our guests to use them as we do, for cooking or for making herbal teas. A favorite among guests, and admittedly ourselves, are the many varieties of grapes that are yours to pick at will and enjoy straight off the vine throughout the summer and early fall. Figs in July-August complete the fruit collection, that we call: “they belong to our guests”.

My family and I, who live at Nymphes, look forward to providing you with an unforgettable stay.

Our beautiful gardens have an astonishing collection of local plants and herbs, which we cultivate with loving care.